ChikaさんとJoiさんのDigital Lifestyles Japanセミナーに参加して(3)

今日12月18日(火)、JAPAN SOCIETY OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA主催のChika Watanabe(渡辺千賀)さんとJoi Ito(伊藤穰一)さんのセミナーに参加してきました。セミナーのタイトルはDigital Lifestyles Japanです。

このエントリーでは、Joi Ito(伊藤穰一)さん担当のプレゼンに付いて記憶に残ったものについて書きます。



  1. In Japan, hard to find entrepreneur. In SillionVally, it is also hard, But easier than Japan.
  2. In Japan, money goes to old style innovation, Not goes to true innovation.
  3. Risk Return
    1. In Japan, people respect authority. In US, we should be fair, Not authority.
    2. How is he/she えらい(Privillage)?
    3. If えらい, Not take risk.
    4. In Japan, number of えらい increase. So nobody take risk.
  4. Do you fear to start company?
    1. 60% in Japan
    2. 25% in US
  5. Do you respect entrepreneur?
    1. 5% in Japan
    2. 89% in US
  6. Japanese consumers are innovative!
  7. In Japan, Money does not go to the fundamental investment/innovation.


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